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Our Mission


Magnificat Home is a community of people, incorporated as a non-profit organization, with the mission of providing a family-like home for people who are in need of such. We are primarily, then, a spiritual family, a charism, a movement arising out of the Catholic Church to embrace and cherish those in need of a home.

"Home," far more than a mere shelter or residence, is understood here as a family, a place of safety, beauty, dignity, love and joy. We are impelled by the spirit of Catholic faith and love (beautifully articulated by Pope Benedict in Deus Caritas Est) to accept our needy brothers and sisters with joy and delight. Our own life experiences of loving communion within our families and Church urge us to share this marvelous reality with others who lack it. We recognize in this encounter a blessing for ourselves, a path to freedom, joy and purpose; indeed, a privileged presence of heaven on earth.

We are inspired by St. Luke's entire account of Mary's visitation to her cousin Elizabeth: the primacy of God's merciful action in both pregnancies, Mary's prompt response to her elderly cousin, the explosion of joy and love that characterizes their encounter, their shared vulnerability and marginality, and the climatic expression of joy and praise in Mary's Magnificat prayer.


Magnificat Home is open to all adults, but has a special concern for those who are otherwise unable to provide a decent home for themselves. Many are on disability and suffer from a range of emotional, mental and social difficulties. Oftentimes, they are functioning adults who do not qualify for specialized group homes or institutions, but are in need of social supports and especially a family-like environment of safety, respect and love.


Magnificat Home intends to create a family-like ambience, inspired by the Catholic ethos of respect for the person and reverence for the sanctity of all human life and sexuality.

Our hope and expectation at Magnificat Home is to share in a modest way, in the context of a real home, in the overflowing delight and mutual love of Mary and Elizabeth at the Visitation.


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